We offer state of the art design services in the following areas:
  • Design of Mechanical Equipment
Pressure Vessels: Horizontal / Vertical Vessels, Columns, Drums, Hydrogen Vessels, LPG Bullets, Heat Exchangers, Shell & Tube, Fin tube, Double pipe, Air Coolers, Reactors, Agitators per ASME Sec.VIII,Div.1 and Div.2, PD-5500, PIP and Shell DEP standards, Aramco, GASCO, ADCO, Takreer Specifications..
Storage Tanks: Cone Roof, Dome roof, umbrella roof, external floating roof & internal floating roof tanks (with various mechanical / tubular seals) designed on: API-650 / API-620, API-12D, NFPA. Design tanks on XL (VB based) sheet.
  • Design for Piping, supports and flexibility analysis
Design of In-Plant Piping and Cross-Country Pipelines for Petrochemical, Chemical, Crude / Gas and Utilities. Low Temperature (-196 ºC) to High Temperature (690 ºC) Lines according to ASME/ANSI/B31.1/31.3/ B31.8, and project specifications (ARAMCO, SABIC, GASCO,ADNOC..) other related Standards. Engineering after Civil Survey & Geotechnical report and line routs for buried line / above surface lines, civil supports and pipe rack design. Piping Stress Analysis according to Simflex & Caesar-II, if needed.
  • Rotary Equipment
Data sheet, Specifications & Material Requisitions preparation (for RFQ). Bid Clarifications (TCLs),Technical Bid evaluation (TBEs) and Report, Vendor document review, Vendor-shop review and evaluations, FAT/SATs attendance for Rotary & Package equipment including performance review, noise & vibration studies.
  • Design of Consumer products
  • Reports, method statements and construction procedures
  • Procurement Support (Requisitions, Technical evaluation etc.)
  • Consultancy services for fabrication and manufacturing
  • Consultancy services for hydrotest, Pre-commissioning, Commissioning
Design of equipment is generally according to international codes like: ASME, ANSI, NCE, ASCE, UBC and client specifications for full satisfaction.